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Here is how we do things. If you have any queries about the process, book a call with us and we will take you through it in detail.

TD Design Process



Before starting any project it is imperative that we understand client's vision, requirements and how will they interact with the space once completed. 

We always start with the concept boards which are put together after understanding the design style inclination the client has. The design files are then created in much detail and precision thus eliminating the ambiguity that otherwise looms over any construction work.

Here is what you get when you sign up for a complete Interior Design Intervention package:

  1. Intervention Plan (Walls to break or constrcut)

  2. New Floorplan with Furniture Layout

  3. Detailed Floorplan with tags and Specifications

  4. Sections and Elevations (Photoshopped renders with detailed measurements)

  5. Millwork Details (Fixed and movable)

  6. Electrical and Plumbing Fixture Plan

  7. Lighting and Switchboard Schedule

  8. Fixture and Furniture Schedules

  9. Reflected Ceiling Plan

  10. Doors and Windows Schedule

  11. Floor Finish Plan

  12. Wall Paint/Cladding/Cover Plan

Here is what we will need from you to share our commercials and sign the contract:

  1. Existing floorplan

  2. Images and videos of the site

  3. Some images that inspire you

Once we have these, we can share our commercials with you and plan our first site visit. 

Please note:

The client will have a contracting team responsible for execution of projects on site, either suggested by the client or the designer. The client and the contractor will enter into a separate agreement for the execution of the designs provided by the designer. The designer shall not be held responsible for the damage, errors or the quality of work produced by the contractor. However, the designer will periodically visit site as per site visit plan agreed upon in the beginning or upon request for regular quality checks. 

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